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Bert Fedor, Birmingham, Alabama

"Your tutorials are the best I have found in 12 years of using a camera!"

I will be leading a small group from our church and our curriculum will be your "Lightroom Made Easy". Every member will be required to purchase the video course in order to particpate in this 10-week course. I have decided that your tutorials are the best I have found in my 12 years of using a camera!

Michael Corsentino—Award Winning Photographer, Author of the "Canon Speedlite Digital Field Guide"

"Useful, real-world information without the usual fuff…Home run, Phil!"

I just finished watching your speedlight class and I had to tell you how much I enjoyed it! As an instructor, I see a lot of this sort of material, and so much of it misses the mark. But yours offers useful, real-world information without the useful fluff. It's great to see such a clear and concise discussion. Home run Phil!

Geraldine Watson—Membership Chair Toronto Camera Club

"Always crystal clear…like sitting down with a knowledgeable friend"

You always put in all the little bits and pieces, so that I'm never thinking, 'well, did he mean this, or did he mean that?' It's always crystal clear exactly what you meant. It's like sitting down with a knowledgeable friend and getting to ask all the questions that are tormenting you, and getting all the answers. I'm always thinking, 'So THAT'S how it works! THAT'S how to do it!'

Fr. John Quinn, S.J.—Photography Instructor, Loyola High School, Los Angeles, CA

"Your courses are mandatory for all of my students."

I teach Digital Photography at a private high school...and...your Flash, Photoshop, and Lightroom courses are mandatory for all of my students. THANK YOU for the VERY significant contribution you are making to the world of Photography and Image Editing!

P.S. The attached pic is from my last job...combat Chaplain in IRAQ with the U.S. Army's 4th Infantry Division.

Customer Photo

Paul Sanders—35-year industry veteran, fashion and advertising photographer in Milan and LA, clients from American Express to Xerox

"Your method of teaching is BY FAR the clearest and most useful."

Your method of teaching is BY FAR the clearest and most useful I've come across to date. I've been using Lightroom since version 2 and recently upgraded to version 4. I've never felt comfortable with it and FINALLY have found a way to learn this stuff. :) Yeah I've got a couple of books, etc. They're almost useless by comparison. So thanks very much!

Donna Adams—Texas, USA

"Your courses GET RESULTS!"

Thank you for the wonderful video courses; I had purchased all three and love them! I have tried books, videos, online classes through a local community college, websites, blogs, and other internet classes. Your courses are the easiest to understand, packed full with real life applications, and most importantly, they GET RESULTS!

Todd Ward, Edmond, Oklahoma

The first four modules alone are worth the price of the course!

A great advantage I see is breaking the course into short modules. Most training videos are an hour long and hard to go back and review. But with yours, when I have a few minutes, I can take one module. Later when I am doing post-processing and want to perform something in one of the modules, it takes no time to go back, review the material, and then proceed.

Samit Desai, Auckland, New Zealand

"You are a credit to the photography industry."

It was a pleasure to have purchased this course! I can confidently say that it was my money well spent. I am a newbie and have learnt quite a lot from your videos. They are quite practical and informative. I wish you would do more of these. You are a credit to the photography industry.

Customer Photo

Gary Bonard, Chula Vista, CA

"I learn more from your courses than from any other instructors!"

Phil, I must say that your training has been the best! I have learned more from your courses than from any other instructors out there. Thanks and keep up the great training

Customer Photo

Gadi Perlmutter, Israel

"Your courses sure have saved me a lot of money and time!"

Hi Phil , I have taken two of your courses (Photoshop and Portraits) and I just wanna say thanks, they sure have saved me a lot of money and time compared to taking these in colleges where I live! So I really wanna thank you for that.

Bruce Neill, Queensland, Australia

"I cannot recommend your video tutorials highly enough!"

I have watched other online videos and have found most to be very difficult to keep up with, or they make it difficult to see tool selections, or the tutor speaks at a hundred miles an hour. I find you speak clearly, with an easy voice, and your tutorials are methodical and very easy to follow. I cannot believe how much has fallen into place in the short time I've had access to your video lessons. I cannot recommend your video tutorials highly enough

Felicia R., Medford, New York

"Your service is impeccable. I love doing business with you!"

Phil, your service is impeccable. I love doing business with you! I will continue to recommend you.

Customer Photo

Geo Mathew, Bakersfield, CA

"You are the best photography instructor out there!"

You are the best photography instructor out there! I'm sure there are lots of knowledgeable professionals out there, but you have a way of explaining things that just works for me.

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