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Event PhotographyPro Secrets

Learn how the
professionals get great
event photos every time.
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Lightroom Made Easy! Online Video Course

Skyrocket your productivity and create stunning photos with Lightroom.
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Advanced Off-CameraFlash Photography

Learn how to take
professonal looking
lit photographs Learn More

Photoshop Basics for Photographers

Learn the core Photoshop skills every photographer needs. Master the Photoshop techniques that will take your photos from 'OK' to 'Awesome'.

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In my own attempt to learn photography, I became frustrated by what I perceived as an "information gap." On the one hand, I found plenty of free information online, but it was unpredictable in quality and completely disorganized. Seeking it out and separating the gems from the junk simply became a waste of time...

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You are a credit to the photography industry Samit Desai, New Zealand
I learn more from your courses than I do from any other instructors Gary Bonard, Chula Vista, CA